So I tend to have piles on my desk. What a lovely surprise to find these gems from my friend Crystal. She’s super cool. She flys around in a chopper doing her nurse magic.

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Coloring Calendar 2017 Colored Pencils  (WALL) Calendar (SPRIAL) Calendar (SMALL DESK) Calendar Box Wink Of Stella MARKERS Chameleon MARKERS FINE SHARPIES 







DIY “Halo” Light

Saved $145.00 Links provided in description: this is for the LED TAPE LIGHTSOutline a floral wreath on cardboard WITH A SHARPIE! Don’t ask. Cut it out with sturdy scissors.Wrap with aluminum foil. Start with the plug on TOP. Start pulling off the back tape protector on the LEDs as you wire tie and coil the lights. WEAR GLOVES! Don’t ask. Wrap with wax paper and clear packaging tape.YOU DID IT!



Journal Makeover

So… check this out. First a paint medium spills on my Ranger Journal. So typical of me.Bright idea! I’ll design the outside to look like a journal page. Blue paint and old brush come out.I think I’ll layer some paper to start.So far so good.Cut little squares of paper.Adhering them with Zyron glue stick. BUT BEFORE THESE LAST STEPS… was laying on the floor to dry when?! I spilt my Soda POP on it.Okay so now it’s dry. Time for the paper and then a layer of Matte Super Heavy Gel.  Wait again.

Took  a die (way cool Halloween one) and cut an old piece of scrap paper to use for a stencil after I added a chunky piece of blue oil pastel and smashed it in more gel medium.

Oh, not to worry! I’ll keep you updated as I go. 😉

The highlighted words are links to the products I used during this….. “Project”.