Turkey With A Tude

Man! Have you EVER seen such an attitude?!

Wings (HANDS) on hips he’s like “Oh no your NOT”

Check this out.

I’m totally into Whipper Snapper stamps this holiday season.

I’m SO NEW with colored pencils. Not bad. Im trying to find different things other than my Copics. Copics will ALWAYS be my true love.

On a pre-made card with matching envelope I used several different autumnal colored pieces of cardstock  as the backdrop. Layering them on diagonally and adhering them with a tape runner gave me that groovy look.

A piece of corrugated, craft colored cardstock gave texture to this scene.

The “GIVE THANKS” sentiment is actually a piece of ribbon with glossy accents on top.

Paper flower embellishment knocked this one out of the park.

I appreciate you flying by to visit!

Just press on the highlighted, bold, underlined word in the description and you are directed straight to that product on Amazon.

#thanksgivingcard #turkeycard #turkeywithatude


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